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As we get older without a partner to spend our days with, life can be lonely. It might surprise you to know senior women are looking for love and serious relationships online.

Silvercupid is a dating site created to help older women find older men for a serious or long-lasting relationship. There is a lower age limit of 40 to join the site, meaning there is no risk of finding “sugar babies” or women looking for a free ride with an older man, which is often the case on other “senior dating sites”.

With everyone on the site and looking for something serious, Silvercupid is great for senior women looking for a single man for something serious –sign up, complete the quiz, and you can start looking for love at the click of a button.

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Online old man dating has become the most popular way to find love in 2021 – in fact, almost 50% of couples in the USA claim to have met their match online either through senior dating in Austin sites or social media. Silvercupid is one of the only dating sites in the USA with an equal number of men and women on the site, making it much easier for men to find and date older men. On other dating sites, the ratio of men to women is much higher – making it sometimes impossible to find a match.

Silvercupid works by using an algorithm that matches users based on their personality – rather than users having to search through pages of profiles until they find someone they like. To determine your personality traits, new users must complete a personality test before joining the site and start senior dating in Austin.

The personality quiz is extensive and can take a while to complete – however it is necessary to create your personality profile and only match you with high-quality matches who share similar personality traits and life goals.

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It can be nerve-wracking to start dating again – especially if you haven’t been on the senior dating in Austin scene for a while. But online dating should take the pressure off speaking to senior women looking for love. Firstly, everyone you meet on an online dating site is looking for someone to chat so that you can be a lot less worried about rejection.

In addition, chatting to someone online means you have time to form your questions and answers, or think about what you want to say – rather than the pressure of a face to face conversation – and when you are ready to meet in person, you’ve already spoken lots online making it much easier to start a natural conversation face to face and enjoy senior dating in Austin.

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Big and beautiful Armenian woman from France
Lizzy, 54

I have been single for about 1 year. I want to explore my chances of finding love again. I hope to find a single lesbian in Austin who is looking for a serious relationship.

Senior Filipino woman from Canada
Victoria, 48

I am a gay female from Canada looking for an LGBTQ like-minded partner within in Austin. I love dancing and enjoying life. You are likely to find me at a gay club during the weekends.

Lean positive man over 50
Jeff, 52

Family means everything to me. I hope to build a family with the love of my life one day. I am looking for a serious widow from Austin who's comfortable raising a family.

Tall British man from the United Kingdom
Eli, 58

If you like height and muscles, then I might be the perfect Austin match for you. Aslo, if you prefer dating an older man with lots of enthusiasm, then feel free to message me.

Senior black man from the USA
Travis, 43

I am a single enthusiastic gay from Austin looking for an ideal life partner. I am looking for a man over 54 who is willing to enter into the dating scene again with a serious partner.

Mature Asian British man over 50 from the UK
Evan, 59

I want to create beautiful life memories with an older woman within Austin. I love adventure and I hope to find a partner to ride along with me.